Removable Angled Fill point for SAE Fill Hoses

Removable Angled Fill point for SAE Fill Hoses

This listing is for the Fill point body parts only ( as per the picture ) and it does not come with the screw in adaptor required to fill the vehicle up ( as you have the choice of 4 depending on the country of use and these are available to buy separately )

The separately available adaptors for filling are :

UK Bayonet Adaptor - (GI-FA-001)

Dish / Cup Fill point Adaptor - (GI-FA-002)

Acme Fill point Adaptor - (GI-FA-003)

Europa Fill adaptor. - (GI-FA-004)


  • This is a UK, high quality Angled Removable fill point certified to R67 regulations.
  • Designed to be mounted directly on the vehicle bodywork, which makes a simple and semi hidden fillpoint, and when you need to fill the gas tank you simply lift the Black fillpoint lid and screw the required fillpoint adaptor into it.  It can be also be used with the 70mm recessed fill box or can be mounted on a tow bar or under a vehicle using the Angled Fill bracket.
  • Designed to be used with our SAE Fill Hoses - E67.01 Specification hoses which are available in different lengths.
  • Requires a 29mm hole cutter to fix it to the vehicle which we list in our tools section or from the drop down side menu.


  • This fillpoint is machined to have the required 45 degree shaped faces to exactly match the sealing faces on LPG Fill hoses, Fill points &  Fill connections on all certified refillable gas products.

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