ONE 500/500 Plus


Ebios ONE 500/500 Plus

This burner is a prime example of engineering perfection, in terms of safety, comfort and air quality.

Bioethanol, initially in its liquid form, is pumped to a special chamber, where it is heated, causing it to evaporate. As a gas, it is then burned in the fire channel, generating practically zero odour. This system is not just incredibly safe, it also ensures perfectly clean combustion without odours – from the very first second. A three-level fuel supply ensures even greater user friendliness.

This appliance’s essential features include the following: The Ebios ONE 500 can be controlled via an app or remote control and includes a timer function. It is compatible with Smart Home technologies. In the event of jolting or operating errors, the safety function is triggered and immediately shuts down the appliance.

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  • Dimensions W/H/D 620 / 318 / 175 mm 
  • Materials Steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant glass ceramic
  • Weight approx. 15.0 kg approx.
  • Burner type Ethanol *vaporising burner 3-level flame height
  • Fire line 500 mm
  • Filling capacity 3 litres
  •  Minimum room volume 84 m3
  • Minimum room Area 34 m2 
  • Burning duration up to 6 hours


This is the first burner with a vaporising system that meets the extreme demands of DIN EN 16647. Prior to combustion, the ethanol is heated to approx. 80°C in a separate vaporising chamber, from which it is then guided to a burning channel as a gas. In this section, the vapour is burned at a higher temperature level than in conventional ethanol burners, thereby significantly reducing the odours generated by ethanol combustion.

Safety features

  • Temperature sensors
  • Leakage sensors
  • External input for CO2 detector
  • Impact sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Ethanol level sensor in the tank and in the vaporising chamber
  • Monitoring of many safety-relevant components


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