Ebios ONE 1000

Ebios ONE 1000

This luxury burner heats and vaporises liquid bioethanol. The resulting flame burns evenly, is completely odourless and can be adjusted in height as desired: The available options are 5, 9 or 12 cm.

The flame pattern measures a full metre in length – and can be expanded to form an imposing line of fire through combination of several burners connected in series and controlled together via an app or remote control.

The EBIOS ONE 1000 is the flagship among our bioethanol appliances. It goes without saying that it can be integrated seamlessly into existing Smart Home systems and represents the state of the art of fashionable living.

DESIGNED WITH CARE AND TÜV-CERTIFIED The combination of liquid fuel, people and an open flame can be a dangerous one. That is why we have designed all ebios-fire® fireplaces with a maximum of user safety and intuitive operating processes in mind. All ebios-fire® appliances are extensively tested in our factory laboratory where we monitor fuel consumption, heat output, flame behaviour and material durability. Furthermore, the majority of ebios-fire® burners and fireplace models is tested and certified by the TÜV inspection association.

All ebios-fire® appliances leave the factory lab-tested and carefully packaged. Each burner features safety symbols intended to supplement the detailed user manual and help users handle their ebios-fire® fireplace safely. Furthermore, a user manual is included with each fireplace, providing the user with valuable information about the appliance, its installation, use and maintenance as well as about the required bioethanol.

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  • Dimensions W/H/D: 1120 / 318 / 175 mm
  • Materials: Steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant glass ceramic
  • Weight approx.: 28.0 kg
  • Burner type: Ethanol vaporising burner 3-level flame height
  • Fire line: 1000 mm
  • Filling capacity:  6 litres
  • Minimum room volume: 132 m3
  • Minimum room Area: 53 m2
  • Burning duration: up to 6 hours

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