Kit 6 Gas IT

GAS IT 6kg twin bottles with body mounted fill system contains:

  •   1 x FP-002   - Angled UK fill bayonet
  •   1 x FP-015   - 70mm BLACK Fill box
  •   1 x GI-0008 = 2nd Bottle Add on Kit
  •   1 x GI-FH-014   - 1 Mtr Str / Ang fill hose
  •   2 x GI-VB-001   - 6kg Bottles
  •   2 x Bottle gauges
  •   1 x Docupack-E006B


GAS IT 6kg Refillable gas bottle is designed to be refilled with cheap Autogas at any Autogas/ LPG station in the UK and Europe.  Autogas is sold several times cheaper than renting and exchange your normal brand of exchange gas bottles plus you have the luxury of being able to fill up when you want, and where you want. So you'll never run out of gas again.

GAS IT bottles and valve system are manufactured in Europe and are fitted with an automatic 80% shut off fill system, meaning you simply attach the Autogas pump to your vehicle mounted LPG fillpoint, and when the gas bottle is 80% full, it stops filling.

GAS IT bottles come with a gas level content indicator which gives you an indication of what's left in the bottle.

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The specification of our 6kg refillable bottle is as follows :-

  • Fills to approximately 12.5 litres (at 80% full)
  • Height: 470mm height x 246mm diameter.
  • Empty Cylinder Weight: 7 Kg approx
  • Material: Steel

What makes the GAS IT refillable gas bottle system great.

  • Easy to install
  • Cheap to refill
  • Refill with ease anywhere using everyday Autogas - including Europe
  • No Lifting and carrying of exchange gas bottles.
  • No having to send back part filled exchange bottles, just incase you need more gas on the next trip.
  • Mechanical gas level indicator gives indicator of gas level in bottle.

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